“No Quarter” (Oro Goro, Chapter 13)

“I got you,” said Miller, calmly, as Kristin tried to consolidate her trips carrying her baggage back and forth from her car to Miller’s townhouse apartment. Unburdening her from her large duffel bag, the two made their way into the front door. With a flick of a switch, the lights kicked on, except for the one directly above them in the doorway. It strobed in an uncomfortable, unpredictable pattern until it, too, became like the others.… Continue reading “No Quarter” (Oro Goro, Chapter 13)

#TBT – “Juan Brownman – Lawyers for Hurt Bicycle Riders”

Okay, if you live in Northeast Indiana, you may see some similarities between this video and some other real law firm out there. I assure you, these similarities are strictly coincidental. Obviously, if we were to parody a real automobile injury law firm like that, we would be much more careful about the slogan used “the guy with the bicycle” so it wouldn’t be confused with something like, say, “the man with the bike”.

I assure you, this is entirely not a dig on any high pitched voice lawyers who have a lot more money to throw around than I do. Completely coincidental. … Continue reading #TBT – “Juan Brownman – Lawyers for Hurt Bicycle Riders”

“Beast Brother” – Poem from the World of El Tor

Before the clerics of Caelon became the authority of poetry in the peninsula, the now high ordered caste saw its earliest stages with traveling minstrels, similar to how the bards of the Saibhrean Isles still operate today. Earliest forms of their poetry was typically consonantal in rhyme, rather than assonantal, which became more favored as the years went on. Rhyming poetry was not typical in those days, but four lines of fourteen syllables was one of the more popular forms of poetry then. This form of poetry has fallen out of favor with the clerics of our time, but storytelling from those days is traditionally rich with this older style.
An example of the style was the poem “Beast Brother” which describes a rancher from the Gorzova region of Caelon, who had a special connection with his herd. … Continue reading “Beast Brother” – Poem from the World of El Tor

The True Value of Video Games

Growing up, it was an uphill battle trying to contend with the stigma that video games were not only going to rot my mind, but that they would cause me to become violent, or at least lazy. Sure, from an outsider’s perspective, some games like Grand Theft Auto or Mortal Kombat would be cause for alarm. After all, they had blood, gore and other mature content that I agree shouldn’t be consumed by children. But just because there are games out there that are not appropriate for children, does that mean the whole medium is completely without its merits? The answer is no, and here’s why.… Continue reading The True Value of Video Games

Afterlife in the World of El Tor

There are two major schools of thought when it comes to the subject of death: the Torian belief in passing into a spectral plane of existence and the Warathi belief that the dead become a part of the living world. There are similarities between the two belief systems, but they are primarily distinct from one another. Some areas in the world have small differences within each belief system, such as the popular belief in an underworld in some parts of the Saibhrean Isles, or reincarnation in parts of the Warathi world.… Continue reading Afterlife in the World of El Tor

“Exodus 8:23” (Oro Goro, Chapter 12)

Strewn across the floor in his bedroom at the back of Andy’s house were various books about unexplained mysteries and ancient myths that Danny had borrowed recently, inquisitively purchased sometime in his lifetime, or had been gifted by his father’s best friend Terry Shaffer who had instilled in him a lifelong interest in the unknown wonders of the world. Danny had fallen asleep, almost in a comical fashion, covered in books, such as “Native American Myths and Legends” and “What the Government Isn’t Telling You About Big Foot”.… Continue reading “Exodus 8:23” (Oro Goro, Chapter 12)

#TBT Food Challenge – Pickled Pigs Feet

In my life I’ve eaten some real strange things. Some of them have surprised me how good they actually are. Then, there are some that are so disgusting I cannot ever imagine eating it again even if they paid me. Pickled pigs feet is the absolute worst thing I’ve ever had the misfortune to put in my mouth. I have never in my life tasted something with a worse texture. Picture gelatinized “barely meat” that falls apart as you try to pick it up, and yet you still have to try to suck it off the foot bone. It was HORRIBLE. I had to make sure many of my good friends had to try it with me. If you ever get the chance to try it, make sure there’s a camera recording.… Continue reading #TBT Food Challenge – Pickled Pigs Feet

A Sonnet from the Saibhrean Isles

Unlike the academics in the Caelon peninsula and in Torium who are primarily confined to their respective colleges, the bards of the Saibhrean Isles north and west of Caelon play more of an active role with the politics of the islands. They are chroniclers, scribes and satirists for their lords, the great Trade Barons. Not only do they entertain, usually by praising the lords they serve and cursing those who cross them, but they are also tasked with recording the history of their houses. They are an integral part of Saibhrean society and their caste is highly regarded throughout the islands, even if that sentiment does not extend to the main land.… Continue reading A Sonnet from the Saibhrean Isles

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